Who are

Our Purpose


Working together to RESTORE HOPE to all people

Our Strategy


We develop Jesus-followers who



Part of restoring hope means restoring people to a right relationship with God which comes through faith in Jesus. Our clearest collective expression of that restored relationship takes place in our Sunday worship service where we sing together, pray together, read scripture, share resources, and proclaim God's Word - all while keeping Jesus central. As  we see God for who he is, he teaches us how we can better relate to him. 


Part of restoring hope means restoring people to right relationship with each 

other. We believe that the church 

community is the place  where we learn most clearly what this kind of restoration should look like.  At our church, the easiest ways to jump into  that community experience  is by joining a group and finding a place to serve. 


The hope that we have is a hope that every person in our world desperately needs. As Jesus-followers we have a role to play in bringing that hope to our friends and neighbors. We hope to see every person in our church build meaningful connections in their spheres of influence, bringing the hope of Jesus with them through their words and actions. 

Our History

Our church started in 1983 when Rev. Edwin Bernard led a team of people from Alliance Bible Church in Lombard, IL to put their energy towards starting a church in a place where they wanted to see God go to work. We originally met in Independence Elementary School in Bartlett and officially organized on December 11th with 25 charter members. Since then, Alliance Bible Church in Bartlett has had a long history of effectively sharing Jesus with people and pouring their energy into the community. 

In 1987, Michael Mercurio became the Senior Pastor and led our church to develop a permanent presence in the community. Christians from other churches in the community of Bartlett came together and through the collective effort and energy of many people, a building was completed in 1991 and became a solid base of operations and gathering place for worship. 

In 1999, Pastor Tim Poferl was called as the Senior Pastor and led ABC into an incredible season of growth and development. In 2002 Pastor Don Romano joined the ministry team. Under their leadership, our church grew significantly and our ministry impact was expanded. Tim poured intentionally into the discipleship of a small group of men who would eventually go on to be major ministry influencers. Several of these men play key leadership roles for us today.


This group of men led ABC through several significant outreach strategies including "Local Noise" which was an outreach to the hardcore/metal community, providing a place for bands to showcase their talent and opportunities for people in the church to build relationships within that community. 


The economic recession in the late 2000s impacted us significantly and led to a number of families relocating to find new jobs. In 2014 ABC faced the reality of these circumstances and started a revitalization effort. Under Pastor Tim's leadership, we made a number of significant decisions to invest intentionally in a 2-mile radius around the church. This led to starting a partnership with Crossroads Kids Clubs, an after school program which provides games and a bible-lesson for kids. Today, ABC runs two Crossroads clubs at Sycamore Trails Elementary and Horizon Elementary, sharing truths about God with over 70 kids each week.

In 2018 Pastor Tim was called to a new ministry effort and in 2019 we called Alex Culpepper to be our new Lead Pastor and to carry on the effort of leading our church into greater gospel impact that was initiated by his predecessors. In recent years, the church has undergone significant change and we hope to continue undergoing change so that we can continue working together to restore hope to all people.