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Join us  to reflect on Christmas tradition,

sing Christmas carols,

and ask a really important question...



1. Is there anything for my kids? 

  • Yes! We offer a time with games, teaching, and fun for kids during every worship service. Kids age 0-4 can visit our Nursery. Kids 5 years through 5th grade start out singing songs with the adults and then go upstairs to our kids ministry area. Visit our kids ministry page for more info! 

2. What time is your service? 

  • 10:00 AM - 11:15AM 

3. What should I wear? 

  • Anything you want. People who come to our church wear everything from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties. 

4. Does it cost anything? 

  • Nope. But if you want to let us know that you're coming you can do that here

10:00  AM
430 E. Stearns Rd. Bartlett, IL
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