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Bible Reading Plans

This page is meant to help us go deeper into God's word. We have two ways to begin engaging a practice of daily Bible reading.

1. The Youversion Bible App - this is an app for your smartphone. It provides thousands of selections of Bible reading plans organized by book and/or topic. You can select our church as your home church and participate in our featured plan or simply follow your own preferred plan, but do so with our church as your church! Use both of the buttons below if you want to start using the Bible App

2. Printable Reading Plans - below you will see two kinds of links, one is to a Bible reading plan on the Bible App that usually includes a daily devotional. The other is to a printable version of the same bible reading plan that you can use to track your progress.

Featured Plan

A Harmony of the Gospels - 30 day plan

Additional Plans

The Wisdom of Proverbs  - 31 day plan

Life in Exile (Daniel, Esther)  - 7 day plan

Origins: Genesis 1-11  - 12 day plan

The Letters of Paul  - 30 day plan

The Book of Romans - 15 day plan

Hope in the Midst of Ruin: The Book of Isaiah - 22 day plan

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