Just a thought…

Just a thought…

While studying Detours in the life of believers via Tony Evans dvd series I ran across this story and then a little extra:


A Great Story:

There was a nine year old boy named Sam.  He was visiting his grandparents.  His grandparents lived on a big farm.  Sam had a sling shot that he loved and all during the day he would go out into the woods and shoot at different targets.  He practiced and practiced but he was not that accurate.

   One evening he heard the dinner bell and as he was walking toward the house, he saw his grandma’s pet duck. Now not too many people have a pet duck, but his grandma did.  She loved her pet duck.  The duck was sitting by the pond.  Sam never dreamed in a million years he could hit it, but he pulled out his sling shot back and the rock flew out and hit the duck square in the head and killed the duck instantly.

   Sam felt terrible and then he panicked.  He ran over and got the duck and SECRETLY buried the duck over by the wood pile.  As he was walking to the house, he looked up and realized his 12 year old sister Julie saw the whole thing take place.

   That night after dinner, the grandma asked Julie to help with the dishes.  Julie said, “I’d love to but Sam says he would love to do the dishes tonight.”  Julie whispered in his ear (“remember the duck”).  Sam went over and did the dishes.

   The next morning the grandfather was going fishing and he invited both of the grandkids to go with him.  The grandma said, “I really need Julie to stay here and help me with the chores.”  Julie said, “Grandma, Sam said he would really like to stay here and help you with the chores today.”  Julie again whispered in his ear: (“remember the duck”).  Sam stayed and did the chores and Julie went fishing.

   After a couple of days of doing both his chores and Julie’s chores, Sam finally had enough!  He went to his grandma and said, “Grandma I’m so sorry, but I got to tell you something.  I didn’t mean to but I accidentally killed your pet duck.”  The grandma gave him a big hug and said, “Sam, I know you did, I was standing at the window and saw the whole thing take place.  I’ve already forgiven you.  I’ve just been waiting to see how long you would let Julie make a slave out of you.”

Similarly, God is standing at the window of our lives and HE has seen every mistake, every failure and every weakness.  The good news is He has already forgiven you and does not hold anything against you when you confess your sins!  He is waiting to see how long you are going to let the accuser (satan) make a slave of you.  How long are you going to live to keep asking for forgiveness for the exact same thing?

   Today is a new day!  NO MORE!!!!! Do NOT let the accuser manipulate you into living your life depressed, thinking that you have blown your future, paid a debt that you don’t have to pay.  Go to your Father in heaven and say, “I’ve blown it, I’ve made mistakes, and I know you are a God of mercy, Who restores and forgives.  I’m going to get my joy back; my vision back; and I’m not going to let one mistake or a series of mistakes keep me from pursuing my God given destiny.”  


Unload the baggage and leave the guilt behind.  Romans 8:1 says: “So there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.”  In the flesh we beat ourselves up, feel unworthy and live depressed and defeated trying to show God we are sorry.  In the Spirit, we can say “yes, I’ve made mistakes and God not only forgives me but erases it.”  Do not fall into the trap of guilt but move forward!  Don’t listen to the accuser’s lies….it’s a major DETOUR!!!!!!