Builder’s Blog – Lessons from Nehemiah




Nehemiah 8


Joyful Obedience



        1-8  The people are united to hear the Word of God 

      9-12  The people stop weeping & begin to celebrate before the Lord (because of the Lord)

    13-18  Joy comes when we discover & do God’s will



It is amazing that Israel had not followed Leviticus 23 (Feast of Booths or Tabernacles) since the time of Joshua.  Apparently, they entered the land & thought it was unnecessary after they had rest from war.  It seems this complacency may have been part of the reason why they were carried away to Babylon and Jerusalem was destroyed.


But now, after repentance, they begin to experience the good from obedience……. Unity, joy, revival!  The right steps to this change were:

  1. They asked to hear the Word of God
  2. They discovered God’s will (Feast!)
  3. They did God’s will




Decide for yourself, ahead of time, that no matter what, you will obey God’s will.