Builder’s Blog – Lessons from Nehemiah


Nehemiah 10

Commitment to the House of God




1-27      The leaders sign the contract

28-30    The people’s commitment to obey the Law of Moses

31-39    Commitment to support the work within the House of God




This chapter ends with these words… “Thus we will not neglect (forsake) the house of our God.”  Up to this point in time, the House of God was completely neglected.  So the leaders signed a contract and all the people took an oath to change their ways.


The contract included personal holiness (be separate from the world).  But a large part of it was for the service of God; offerings, worship, praise.   Note: it wasn’t simply the priests’ responsibility; it was the responsibility of all the people.  We need to be an active part of the service of the house of God.



  1. Be committed to serve where God puts me
  2. Be a joyful example while serving
  3. Teach others to do the same.